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Summer Fun with Fido

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Here are some tips to keep your pups cool this summer so they can enjoy the outdoor fun with you!


Your dog won’t tell you that they are too hot, and often will keep going past their comfort zone. Using a cooling mat, pooch chill vest or bandana can help your dog stay cool this summer in the heat. Icepacks can also be propped around their head, neck, chest if you feel your dog is overheated. It doesn’t take long for them to get too hot when they are playing outside so using cooling products will help them cool down quicker.

Avoid letting them get overheated as it can lead to collapse and even death. Watch your pet for excessive panting, vomiting, salivating, restlessness or their tongue changing color. If they seem weak or have any of these symptoms, take them to a veterinarian immediately for assessment.

Keep them inside more

When you can't let them chase ball or run at the park for hours, consider letting your dog play in the A/C instead of being out in the heat. Try giving your dog stuffed toys, bones or an activity mat to get their brain working. Mental activity can be as exhausting for your pup as a walk outside. We love the snuffle mat to keep them busy and satisfy that hunting drive. We like the Awoof snuffle mat because it encourages your dog to use their natural foraging skills to find food or treats all over the mat.


While some dogs are water adverse, others are nature swimmers. Be sure to keep an eye on your pet while they’re enjoying the water to ensure they do not get over tired or stuck in the water. Washing your dog after play time is essential to remove dirt, algae and chlorine. Be mindful of posted signs or local news for safety warnings of contamination in the water. If you are boating or on a lake, consider putting a life jacket on your dog. It can give you each peace of mind. We like the Outward Hound jacket because of its’ bright colors, maximum buoyancy and handles for easy rescue or restraint.


Fleas and ticks are rampant in the summer months in the south, although they are year round pests. Mosquitos are another annoying bug that can reek havoc on your pup by passing heartworm disease. Make sure your dogs or up to date on their meds to combat these critters from coming in your home. Spiders, ants bees and snakes are other common creatures you want to be watchful of this summer as their bites can be dangerous or cause serious irritation to your pup. Keep an eye out for large groups of these and eliminate nests as much as possible to avoid injury.

Car Rides

Avoid your dog hanging his head out the car window as the hot air can damage their lungs. Ensure they can’t jump out when you stop by keeping the windows up high enough they can’t jump out. Do not leave a dog in the car unattended any time of year, but especially in the summer. Temperatures can rise quickly and suffocate your pup. If you see a dog in a car with the windows up, please try to find the owner to get them some A/C.

Walks on Hot Cement

Consider walking your dog in the morning or on shaded trails or streets. The heat from the sidewalks and streets can easily burn your pet’s paw pads. Some dogs will wear booties to protect them but if your pup won’t, then be mindful of the temperature on the ground. Try walking barefoot yourself to determine if it is too hot.

Standing Puddles and Water

Beware of free- standing water such as puddles or ponds. Dangerous bacteria and algae live here and can be toxic to your pup. Always bring fresh water from home to keep your dog hydrated with water they’re used to. We like this water bottle bowl combo for easy dispensing and carrying.

Also check in with your veterinarian on any vaccines that you can give your dogs to protect them from these diseases.

Highwave AutoDogMug

Stay cool all summer with our Dog Moms Tank in your favorite color!

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